Students at RRMS conduct a mock trial in Mrs. VanSant's Class.

Kudos to Mrs. VanSant at Rio Rancho Middle School for a creative lesson plan. Mrs. VanSant's gifted seminar class recently learned about law by placing Hansel and Gretel Smith on trial for criminal mischief, petty theft and aggravated battery. Students on the prosecution and defense read affidavits, wrote trial questions and worked as a team to prepare their witnesses to take the stand. Plus, student aides served as jurors and came to different conclusions in each class based on the information the class attorneys and witnesses presented. 

What a great and creative way to develop teamwork, leadership, public speaking, critical thinking and creativity skills.  Great job Mrs. VanSant for creating such an unique lesson to ignite student potential. And kudos to all the students who participated, you did an amazing job!