Native American Club

Native Phoenix Club
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Awesome Opportunities:

Tutoring: Every Monday after school from 3:20-4:20PM. We will meet in the LIBRARY. Students must have their own transportation home and be picked up by 4:30PM. There is no cost and students may receive help in any subject area. 

Lunch Gathering: 
The SECOND Wednesday on the month during 'A' and 'B' lunch. 'A' Lunch meets in Room 407 with Mr. Yazzie Campbell. 'B' Lunch meets in Room 512 with Ms. Jose. Bring your lunch and gather with fellow students to play some team building games, watch inspiring indigenous minded videos and learn more about upcoming events. 

March 5th Field Trip
March 2020 - Students will have the chance to visit the college campus of the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA). We will take a tour of campus, listen to a few guest speakers and explore their museum of art as well as their digital dome theatre. Permission forms will be handed out the second week of February.

April 7th Field Trip

April 2020 - 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Symposium at the Isleta Conference Center. Students will enjoy a banquet-style lunch and attend multiple session that focus on setting goals, financial literacy, self-esteem building and listening to indigenous guest speakers share their stories of success. Forms will be handed out and due before our Spring Break as this trip takes place the first Tuesday back from Spring Break.

End of Year Potluck Gathering
Towards the end of April we will have an after school Potluck Gathering. The purpose of this event is to connect families with one. Also, we hope to hear the thoughts of students and families in determining ways that our school can best support American Indian students' academic and cultural success. Students will also receive a book to read over the summer.

Contact: Eric Yazzie Campbell
891-5335 ext. 54707
Text: 505-977-0797