Matt Christopherson

Mr. Christopherson’s 7th-Grade ELA 

Let's go ahead and get the obvious right out of the way....this is going to be one strange year!
As we figure things out together this year, lets try our best to practice patience and empathy with each other as well as ourselves.

Ask me questions! I will do my absolute best to get you a response as soon as possible and if I do not know the answer to a question I will either find out the answer or point you in the right direction to someone who might know better than myself.

This IS going to be a strange year.....but that does NOT mean that it is going to be a bad year! Change is scary! But we are strong. We are flexible. We are understanding. And we are patient with ourselves and each other. We Got This! :D)

The best way to contact me for anything is through email.