Matt Christopherson

Mr. Christopherson’s 7th-Grade ELA 

Grade book policy:

Every graded assignment will count as either “Practice” or “Assessment in the grade book. Practice grades account for 30% of the total score whereas Assessments account for 70%. For either category, each assignment will be worth either 50 or 100 points based on the difficulty/rigor of the assignment.

I try to grade every assignment within a few days of receiving them and I enter the scores after I have graded the assignment for all 5 classes. If a student was absent on the day I collect the work and enter the scores, I will indicate “M” for MISSING and “ABS” for ABSENT. They are still responsible for doing the work in a timely fashion. After 2 days of not receiving the work, I will remove the “ABS” and mark the zero. It will still show as MISSING.

As long as a zero is marked as MISSING, the student can/should be staying in communication with me and be making up this assignment. After two weeks of MISSING and without any communication from student, I will remove the MISSING and “lock in” the zero. 

There will be times when I enter a zero for an assignment even if the student was absent. I do this as a reminder to them to get it done asap. It is not meant to hurt their grade, it is merely a reminder to get it done and turned in. 

REDO work for higher scores: Students can REDO any “Practice” assignment they want for a higher score. They have one week from the time I enter the scores and return the papers to them to REDO them. After that, the grade is “locked in”. REDO-ing “Assessments” is a little different. Some assessments just can’t be redone, however, most of them can. For a student to REDO an “Assessment” they will have to fill out an “Assessment Redo Proposal” form (which I have in my classroom) and get it signed by a parent/guardian before they will be permitted to Redo the assessment. They will have two weeks (time permitting) to fill out the correct form, get it signed, return it, schedule a time with me, and retake the assessment before the grade can increase. 

Most assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. This is the best place to find the work that was missed and/or needs to be made-up or redone. Students can/should also ask me when they return to class what they missed. 

The best way to contact me for anything is through email.