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Hello! My name is Michelle Van Sant and I teach 7th grade gifted and seminar.  I began teaching in 1994, and since then, I have taught 4th-8th grade general education students and K-5th & 7th grade gifted students.  My mission is to create life long learners with global awareness and 21st century skills.

I believe students are most successful when teachers and parents communicate and work together to guide them toward a common goal.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns regarding your child's academic progress and well being.
Phone # 505-891-5335
Email: michelle.vansant@rrps.net

Weekly Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are project days.
Thursday is Socratic Seminar/Philosophy day.
Friday is DEAR (Drop Everything & Read!) or FTF (Free Thinking Friday).

Colored Pencils
Spiral or Composition Notebook
Two Pocket Folder

Class Expectations:
1. Be Respectful (to teachers, students, guests and yourself).
2. Be Responsible (with words, actions and materials).
3. Be Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem

1. Verbal Warning
2. Change of Seat
3. Call Home
4. Meeting with Administrator

Grading Policy:
Assessments (large assignments, activities or projects) will count as 70% of the overall grade.  Practice (daily work) will count as 30% of the overall grade.

Students will have time in class to complete all of their work. 
Homework will consist of work that was not finished during class time.

Corrections & Make-up Work:
All work may be redone for full credit. It must be turned in one week following the Monday after the grade is posted. (If a grade is posted on Wednesday, students have one week from the following Monday to redo the assignment and turn it in for credit.  The rationale for this is ALL students are required to check and graph their grades in Homeroom on Monday mornings. Since all students may not have access to their grades until Monday morning in Homeroom, they will all have one week from that Monday to redo work and turn it in.)