Charity Baillio

Welcome to Mrs. Baillio's 7th Grade ELA Class 

How to Contact Me: Feel free to call me at 891-5335 ext. 54671, or email me at with any comments, questions or concerns.

Absent? Wondering What Your Child Did in Class Today?
The daily agenda and daily assignments will be put into Google Classroom everyday.  If you want to know what we are working on in class or what assignments are due, please use your child's Google account to log onto Google Classroom.  Your child's username is: student   Password: students have changed their passwords this year and have them memorized or written down. Your child knows how to log onto Google Classroom. You can also click the calendar tab on the left hand side of my web page for daily assignments.

What We'll Read: 
Each student will be given a consumable text book, MyPerspectives, and it will be kept in the classroom. A copy of MyPerspectives can be found online through Powerschool.  

Each student will need:
-Spiral notebooks exclusively for ELA. One for first semester and one for second semester.
-loose leaf paper
-folder for graded work (Please ask to see your child's folder for graded work that has been passed back.)
-pens, pencils and a highlighter
-A positive attitude and ready to learn!

Assignments and Grading: 

Students will be given plenty of class time for most assignments.  Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework.  Additional homework and/or projects may be assigned. Make up work is the responsibility of the student. Please check Google Classroom daily for assignments.

Students may re-do ANY assessment for full credit
.  In order for students to re-do an assessment, he/she will need to fill out an "Assessment Redo Proposal". The proposal is in the classroom, and needs to be signed by the parents. The proposal needs to be turned into me within 3 school days once the original assessment has been handed back/graded. The re-do assessment will focus on what skills/standards the students lacked. Students will be given one week after the assessment is returned to turn in the redo assessment.  After the week is over, the first assessment grade will be the one that stays in the gradebook.

Late Work-
Students will be given one week to turn in late work after the assignment has been graded and/or returned.  A zero will be used as a placeholder using the M or I  in the comment field until assignment is turned in.  There will be comments in the gradebook when the assignment gets turned-in. 

e following is the percentage breakdown for students ELA grade:

Practice assignments= 30%  Assessments= 70%

Class Expectations: 
1. Respect your classmates, teacher and classroom.
2. Listen and follow directions.
3. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
1. Warning
2. Meeting with Mrs. Baillio
3. Contact home
4. Referral