Speech & Language

Speech-Language Pathology


TOPSoccer Program Sting/Titans NM
Former Rio Rancho Soccer Club is establishing a soccer program for children (aged 4-19 yrs) with a physical or mental disability. CONTACT: Rick Smith, Director of Coaching, Sting NM, 505-301-7878, ricksmith@stingsoccer.com.
Adaptive Kayaking Program
An adaptive kayaking program for kids with autism and other developmental disorders has been quite successful.  Please contact Kelly Gossett directly at http://www.newmexicokayakinstruction.com/kayak-instruction/adaptive-kayaking



-Use Visual Strategies by Linda Hodgdon
Meeting the Communication Challenges in Autism. Sources, publications, success stories, picture cards, Linda Hodgdon conferences, FAQ.
-Down Syndrome
-National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome, education, development and community life, healthcare, stories.
-Hearing Impairment
-Raising Deaf Kids
Hearing questions concerning newborns, early intervention, school choices, stories from deaf kids/adults.
-Prader-Willi Syndrome
Description of syndrome, resources, and other links about this genetic disorder
-Speech and Language
-American Speech-Language Hearing Association
Speech and language concerns, issues, disorders, conferences.
Developmental milestones for ages 2-5 developed by the Mayo Clinic.
Free site for strengthening vocabulary .
-The Stuttering Foundation
Since 1947--A nonprofit organization helping those who stutter. Facts on stuttering, preschoolers, school-age children, teens, adults, teacher tips, publications, videos, brochures.
-Super Duper Publications
Commercial products for therapists and parents to meet a variety of needs.