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  Earth as seen on July 6, 2015 from a distance of one million miles by a NASA scientific camera


This school year across the District the science teachers are implementing their new science curriculum that is aligned with the New Mexico STEM ready standards.  In middle school, the curriculum is called Amplify.  It is strongly web-based so the students will be accessing their curriculum via chrome books on almost a daily basis in the classroom.  They can also access Amplify at home via the internet.  They will use their science notebooks as a support to the Amplify curriculum.

Unit #5 – Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate Unit

Unit Question: During El Niño years, why is Christchurch, New Zealand’s air temperature cooler than usual?

In this unit, students investigate how ocean currents behave and what effect they have on the climate of different locations around the world, specifically the air temperature of various locations. Energy flow from the sun is what drives this story. 

In the role of climatologists, students investigate changes in air temperature in Christchurch, New Zealand during El Niño years. This serves as the anchor phenomenon that students will investigate throughout the unit. 

This unit has been designed to help students develop a better understanding of the connection between energy and temperature. The majority of the energy on Earth comes from the sun. Ocean currents help to distribute this energy around Earth. 

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