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  Earth as seen on July 6, 2015 from a distance of one million miles by a NASA scientific camera

Unit #1 – Plate Tectonics

Essential Question(s):

How does the movement of tectonic plates affect the surface of Earth?
How do the materials in and on Earth’s crust change over time?

This year we will be implementing the Next Generation Science Standards that were adopted by the State of New Mexico.  During this unit, students will explore the layers of the Earth and what properties make them different from each other.  They will learn that scientists use direct evidence such as rock samples and indirect evidence like seismic waves to learn more about Earth's interior.  Student will learn the scientific principles of density and buoyancy along with the three types of heat transfer to explain how Earth's crust moves on its surface.   

Students will be introduced to the theory of Continental Drift and the forces that cause Earth's crust to move around.  The students will explore the various plate boundaries and their movements along with the features created such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and other surface features.   We will discuss how weathering and erosion then affects land forms.
Students will then apply their knowledge to identify specific geologic land forms formed by the impact of volcanoes and faults on New Mexico geology. (Valles Caldera, Rio Grande Rift, ABQ volcanoes, Shiprock, Sandia Mtns. Etc.)

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