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Week At A Glance, January 11-15, 2021

Week At A Glance, January 5-8, 2021

Click here for the "Face Mask" Virtual Bulletin Board!
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here for the Computer Concepts Class Expectations Spring 2021

computer lab rules

Click here for a Google Slides presentation explaining the Z.A.P. (Zeros Aren't Permitted) Policy in Computer Concepts Class. (Posted 9/11/2020) 


Click here for a student/parent tutorial for all things Google! 

Click here to go to Mrs. Wichman's  Virtual Meet and Greet. 

Click HERE for the class syllabus for both Computer Concepts (7th & 8th grade) and Exploring Computers (6th grade).

Click HERE for Classroom Policies (virtual learning expectations, Grading Policy, etc.)

Click HERE for the list of units, curriculum and apps that we'll be using for both Computer Concepts & Exploring Computers.

We have been using Google Classroom for the past few years. Students will need to sign in to Google Chrome with their school Google account.
Password: Same as school computer login (student created)
If you would like more information on Google Classroom, please watch this video

For specific information about Exploring Computers and Computer Concepts, please go to the Class Pages, located on the left-side menu. 

Click here to watch "RRMS Computer Lab Rules"

Exploring Computers & Computer Concepts Supply List:

  • paper in a 3-prong folder or section in binder
  • pens/pencils
  • headphones are provided, but students may bring their own
  • Disinfecting cleaning wipes (any brand)  or baby wipes
  • wish list: Lysol spray/hand sanitizer/facial tissue