Audrey Wichman

Welcome to Exploring Computers and Computer Concepts!


8/30/19: Parents, please make sure that a current e-mail address is in PowerSchool. I use e-mail to communicate with parents regarding grades and behavior. Thank you. I will not always call about low grades . 

Parents, please make sure that your child has a pair of headphones for this class. It is on the class supply list. 

For specific information about Exploring Computers and Computer Concepts, please go to the Class Pages, located on the left-side menu. 

Class Syllabus:

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Exploring Computers & Computer Concepts Supply List:

  • paper in a 3-prong folder or 1 subject notebook
  • pens/pencils
  • headphones 
  • flash drive optional
  • Disinfecting cleaning wipes (any brand)  or baby wipes
  • wish list: Lysol spray/hand sanitizer/facial tissue