History-Mrs. Renton

Dear 6th Grade families,

                I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about what your student will be learning this semester in my class. My name is Mrs. Renton and this is the fifth year I have taught World History and Geography. I love history and how it explains the world we live in. My passion is knowledge and I want to share it with your student.

                The modern world owes a great deal to past civilizations and your student will be exploring all the inventions and ideas that contributed to our culture today. Religion and race has played a central role in the history of the World. We will be discussing the roles of these two sensitive subjects often throughout the year. Studying history without taking sides, but understanding the perspective of all the participants leads to a greater appreciation of history’s influence on the present.

                The grading structure in the history department is 65% tests, quizzes and projects, and 35% practice (Classwork and homework). In my class there will be a test for each of the units and a quiz every week. Students will have an opportunity to re-submit any class work, homework assignment, test or quiz with a grade of C or less (79% or less). I do not give extra credit assignments. Much of the class work will be done in class and kept in their History notebook. History notebooks will be graded at the end of every unit.  These assignments will ensure that students have a clear understanding of the concepts and events discussed that week. The notebook will also serve as a study guide for all tests.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child.

Paula Renton

World History and Geography

Rio Rancho Middle School

Room 406

Phone (505)891-5335 Ext 54706