Amy Beeman

 Course Title: U.S. History - Colonization through Civil War
 Instructor: Amy Beeman
    891-5335 Ext. 54781

Binder Red Pens
Loose Leaf Paper Color Pencils
Pencils Pencil Sharpener 
Pens (Blue or Black) Scissors
Students may check out a book from the library or may use the useful links section on the left side of this page.  Click on "U.S. History textbook- best options." There are also articles by topic students may use.

Daily Agenda/Assignments:
Use the Calendar Link to access daily lessons, notes, and assignments.  

Nine weeks grades will be computed using quizzes, examinations, and homework/classwork assignments. Examinations and quizzes will account for 70% of the nine weeks grade. Homework/classwork will account for 30%.
The number of tests and quizzes will changed from nine weeks to nine weeks due to the amount and type of content covered. The Rio Rancho District scale will be followed when issuing nine weeks, semester, and final course grades. Semester grades will be computed using the nine weeks averages (weighted 40% each) and the semester exam (weighted 20%).