Rhonda Esparza

Coach Esparza, 6th & 7th Grade Physical Education
891-5335 Ext. 54682

PE Finals
The PE classes will be having performance based finals with a skills test in Flutter Kicks, Planks, Push-ups and a 10 minute jog.  The classes have been working on these skills since the beginning
 of the school year. 

All classes are always encouraged to bring a water bottle to use during class, especially when their class is going outside.  Students are also encouraged to bring a hat and sunglasses if they'd like for those times when their class is outside.

PE Class Information: 
New PE Syllabus - Information on the PE class and procedures

Make up work for PE - What to do if you're absent from PE

If you're looking for articles to use for your make-up days
you can look through the following web sites:

Sports Illustrated- For Kids
ESPN- For Kids
KidsHealth - For Teens

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