Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

English Language Arts

Parents have your students sign on to Google Classroom so that you can see the work that they are doing.

Contact me at or call 891-5335 ext 54704 and leave a message.

Welcome to the 3rd quarter. Hope everyone had a wonderful break and is ready to start strong and continue increasing your reading and writing skills. This quarter we will be writing persuasive essays. We will also continue to use a variety of grade level reading materials to improve your vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension skills. Also back by popular demand, I will continue to start each class by reading from the Dragonbreath series of books. The next book is "The Curse of the Were-Wiener."

 Students need to understand and use COPS when they are writing.
C= Capitalization
O= Organization of sentences
P= Punctuation
S =Spelling