School Boundary Approved Changes

Approved Attendance Boundary Adjustments for Ernest Stapleton Elementary
Posted on 03/27/2017

Proposed options 1A & 1C**Updated Monday, March 27 9 PM**

At its March 27 meeting, the RRPS Board of Education approved boundary changes for Ernest Stapleton Elementary.  The change takes effect in the 2017-18 school year:

The map above shows the affected areas (click on the map to enlarge).  Below are links to maps that show the areas in greater detail:

--Option 1A detail map (North of Northern)
--Option 1C detail map (West of Unser)
--List of affected streets

The school board also approved two additional provisions to provide some flexibility to parents whose students will be moved:

--Parents in the affected areas may apply to transfer their student to any elementary school not closed to transfers in the Rio Rancho district, pursuant to the Open Enrollment Act.  Parents will be required to provide their own transportation.  Open schools include all RRPS elementary schools except for Stapleton, Maggie Cordova, and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

--Parents of incoming fifth graders may opt to have their student remain at Stapleton for their fifth grade year, provided that they provide their own transportation.  However, we are not able to extend this provision to siblings of incoming fifth graders. 

The board and the steering committee extend their thanks to the parents and others who participated in the public forums and who provided comments and input as part of the process. 

Ultimately, the construction of Joe Harris Elementary in Unit 11 will provide enrollment relief to Stapleton as well as to Puesta del Sol, Maggie Cordova, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary Schools.  However, the opening of Joe Harris is a minimum of 4-5 years away and could be longer, especially given the state's fiscal crisis.  With continued growth in some areas of the Stapleton zone, it would be beneficial to provide relief to Stapleton as soon as possible.  The district plans to consider a more comprehensive, district-wide boundary adjustment next year. 

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