ELD/Reading Intervention - Lisa Cowden

English Language Development
Reading Intervention

Ms. Lisa Cowden
ELD Coordinator

I began teaching in Tuba City, Arizona with The Bureau of Indian Education in 1996, and came to Rio Rancho Public Schools in 2007.  I have been an English and ELD teacher,  among other things, each year.  In 2016 I began as the ESL Coordinator for RRMS.  My cultural heritage is Scottish and Irish.

Ya'at'eeh,  Lisa Cowden yinishye'.  Biligaana nishli doo Oogandi shidizchi.   Rio Rancho naaga'.

ELD Classes

In all ELD Classes, students receive extra support with the English Language Arts textbook materials from My Perspectives.  We address the same units as the ELA classes, giving our language learning students more intense support in vocabulary, understanding new concepts,  practice in reading and writing, and test support practice.  We also assist with student needs in deeper vocabulary understanding in all content areas.

For the school year 2018-19 RRPS is in the midst of developing a technology focused curriculum which integrates the core subjects of English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math.  Students will be mirroring the state standards from their core classes in integrated practice lessons.

Reading Intervention Classes

Students are working at their current reading level and their own pace in iReady.  They have lessons for the areas they need, then practice on the chromebooks.  Diagnostic tests are taken on-line at designated times throughout the school year.  Once students achieve appropriate levels of reading proficiency, they may exit the class.