Jordan Diggs

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art! Profile In Miss Diggs art class we will complete 2-3 projects per month based on the elements and principles of art & design. Along with art based projects students will take guided notes based of off power points, open note quizzes, and traditional tests based of off terms, techniques, and vocabulary learned through notes & presentations. My goal for students is to become a well rounded artist's with exposure to different materials, art movements, and techniques so that they can improve their skills, learn new ones, and feel confident within their creative choices.
Below is a rough schedule of our Spring Syllabus- Some projects may overlap into the next month & be modified slightly.
Graffiti Text (Line, Shape, Color) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Sharpies. Art History: 1980's NYC Subway Graffiti Portfolio Project (Line, Shape, Symbolism, Pattern) Materials: Portfolios, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils Winter Mandalas (Cool Colors, Balance & Symmetry) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Sharpies. 
Art History: Buddhist Monk Mandalas February Northern Lights Landscape (Space & Perspective) Materials: Black Paper, White & Black Paint, Oil Pastels. Art History: Traditional Landscape Painting Super Hero Portraits (Symbolic Meaning & Human Proportions & Value) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Sharpie. 
Art History: Classical Portraits & Proportions , Comic Book Art Tropical Georgia O'Keefe (Value & Drawing from Observation) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Sharpies. Art History: Georgia O'Keefe- Flowers March 
Native American Inspired Print Design (Shape & Pattern & Unity) Materials:Markers, Ink, Colored Pencils, White Construction Paper. Art History: Native American Pottery & Textiles, Traditional Printmaking Methods Pop Art (Portrait, Still Life, Color Theory) Materials: Watercolor Paper,Watercolor, Sharpies. Art History: American Pop Art Movement- Andy Warhol, Ben Day Dots. April Animal Portraits (Texture & Oil Pastels) Materials: Black Paper, Oil Pastels, Sgraffito Tools. Art History: Animal Portraits, Fauvism Still Life (Value) Materials: In class still life, Newsprint Paper, White Paper, Compressed Charcoal, Vine Charcoal, White Charcoal, Blending Tools, Erasers. Art History: Dutch Golden Age Still Life Chalk It Up! (Site Specific Art, Scaling, Collaborative Teamwork) Materials: Sidewalk Chalk, Chalk Pastels, Rulers. Art History: Sidewalk Chalk Art & Pop Culture May Surrealist Collage (Juxtaposition) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Newspapers, Magazines, Glue, Scissors. Art History: Surrealism, Salvador Dali, DaDa Movement Tiki Tiki (Line, Shape, Pattern) Materials: Watercolor Paper, Markers, Colored Pencils, Sharpies, Scissors. Art History: Polynesian Culture, Pop Polynesian Culture

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Mahalo, Miss Diggs