Allen Clupny


Welcome to Rio Rancho Middle School Automation and Robotics

Hello, My name is Allen Clupny
Just a bit of information about me. I am a retired member of the U.S. Air Force. While there I was an electronic and mechanical technician working on various aircraft systems and sub-systems. Additionally, I worked at Intel in equipment maintenance, process and operations. All that to say I'm new to teaching, but not technology concepts. This is my second year at RRMS teaching Robotics. I am grateful for all the teachers and administration who continue to help me become the teacher best suited for your students. 

All Classes (Jan 16-26)

- All periods and grades will be working on the "Faulty Tower Project" The students are designing and building one of three types of paper straw towers. They are working in groups to accomplish their project . Next week, we will be testing their towers using a box fan and then testing their strength by weight test each tower. 
_ In addition, each student needs to have a Robotics notebook for the vocabulary quiz's and keeping information on the robots and associated software.
During each new project a new vocabulary list will be given and the following week there will be an open notes quiz.

 If your student does their work everyday they will succeed. It's about being consistent.

 This class is designed to be more like a job. As any (employee), students are expected to work well every day, all day. In that vein of thought, daily grades will be worth 50 points and tests will be worth the same. (However, the Final and PowerPoint presentation are worth 100 points.). 10 points will taken after a student is notified the first time he/she is off task. Additional points (10 each time) will be taken with each time a student is off task.I will have posters on the wall to remind students off these facts in the next couple of weeks.