Jana Siverts

Welcome to 8th grade English with Mrs. Siverts!

TEXTBOOK:  MyPerspectives - Grade 8  (Each student will recieve their own consumable text and will be responsible for the upkeep.)

SUPPLIES:  Composition notebook, folder (with loose-leaf paper), pens/pencils, highlighter, scissors, glue/tape

HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK:  Ample time will be given in class for most assignments.  Assignments not completed in class are considered homework.  Additional homework and/or projects may be assigned.  Unexcused absences will result in assignments having points taken off.  Make - up is the responsibility of the student and extra credit is not an option.  

"Practice" assignments will be counted towards 30% and assessments count towards 70% of the grade.

Students will be utilizing Google Classroom - they will also have access to Chrome Books in the classroom.  (Our text is online and can be accessed through the student's PowerSchool account.)

Please check the calendar for assignments that were done in class. Click on the date and a more detailed explanation will be given on the day's work.