Jacqueline Karnezis

US History

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Composition book (100 page college ruled); pen (black or blue); glue sticks (lots!); pencil (sharpener or extra lead); color pencils &/or highlighters; scissors; ruler; additional paper; folder/binder (for handouts & assignments). Optional: Kleenex & hand sanitizer.

Classroom Expectations
Work hard & be nice to people

Grading Policy

Assessments (tests, quizzes, etc.) 70% of the quarter grade
Practice (notebook checks, maps, readings, etc.) 30% of the quarter grade
Final Exams (taken in December & May) 20% of the semester grade

Universal login for the US History textbook:
username: history242
password: history

Helpful History Websites
Digital History - www.digitalhistory.uh.edu
The History Channel - www.history.com
History Net - www.historynet.com