Amanda R. Riggs


Mrs. Riggs' 8th grade English Language Arts Class
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Welcome to your final year of middle school! Please note, this is just an introduction page, all assignments and important information will be found on my Google Classroom page ( If you have any questions please select the "Contact Me" link on this page and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible. 

Classroom expectations:
-Be Polite
-Be Prepared
-Be Productive
-Be Prompt
-Be Positive

Grading Policy:
Assessments (Quizzes, Essays, etc) 80% of grade for the quarter
Practice work (vocabulary, homework, etc) 20% of grade for the quarter
Final Exams (taken in December and May) 20% of grade for semester

Late work:
Late work will only be accepted after written excuse provided by student's parent/guardian. Per the student handbook a student will have 1 day for each corresponding day they were absent to complete the late work. Ex- if the student was absent 3 days they will have 3 days to complete the work.