History-Mrs. Renton

Dear Rio Rancho Middle School families,

Welcome the 2nd Semester of World History and Geography.  As we begin the second half of the year keep in mind that students have used the supplies brought in August for five months and are, most likely, running low on many of them. Please replenish the supplies so that the students can do their very best work without worrying about having the correct supplies.  In World History specifically we will be starting a new composition notebook for the 2nd Semester. Just as the students used in the 1st Semester a 100-page Composition Notebook seems to work best. I have collected the students 1st Semester notebooks to keep them safe until the end of the school year when I return them before the End of the Year finals. This year those finals will cover all information covered during the school year.

The first unit that will be covered in World History in the new semester will be World Religions. The classes will learn about the 5 major religions practiced in the world. The classes made a start on Hinduism and Buddhism during the India Unit. They will start with those two and move on to Islam, Judaism and Christianity. This unit will be informative only. All students are expected to treat the belief systems of these religions with respect. No one will be permitted to discount the religion just because they have a different belief system. Students will be reminded that history is best studied from a perspective that considers the beliefs and background of all the participants. Please let me know if you have any questions about the curriculum. My contact information is at the bottom of this letter.

For this class students need the following everyday

Zipper Pouch or container

Pencils, lead if using mechanical

Pens - black, blue and red

Highlighters - at least 3 different colors

Colored pencils

Glue sticks - (or liquid glue)


One 100-page Composition notebook


Post it notes

Pencil sharpener 2nd Semester Units of Study

3rd Quarter

Top 5 World Religions (*Hinduism and Buddhism will be covered in November)




Ancient China and China in the Middle Ages (Mid-January through February)

-Most important dynasties

-Geography of China

-Mandate of Heaven

-Marco Polo

-Silk Road

Ancient Rome (March)

-Beginning of Rome

-Geography of Rome

-Government system

-Republic of Rome

4th Quarter

Ancient Rome Continued (April)

-Julius Caesar

-Augustus Caesar

-Roman Republic to Empire

-Fall of the Roman Empire

-Byzantine empire

Middle Ages (May)

-Beginning of the Middle Ages

-Kingdoms and Crusades


-Black Plague


Paula Renton

World History and Geography

Rio Rancho Middle School

Room 406

Phone (505)891-5335 Ext 54706