History-Mrs. Renton


Dear RRMS Families,

     There will be some changes in the grading policy in the second semester.  First, all assignments entered in the gradebook will be worth 100%. To that end all quizzes will be entered in sets of two so that they are not weighted the same as tests. All corrections and resubmitted work must be finished within 2 weeks of the original date of the assignment or assessment. Practice assignments that are completed in class, as a class or that are done individually with answers reviewed during class will not be offered for corrections. Practice assignments that are done individually as homework or without answers reviewed during class will be available for corrections. If the student was not present for the assignment, they may come in during lunches to receive the review of the answers. Work that is turned in without a name will be discarded and the student will receive a missing grade until the work is replaced.

     Tests and quizzes will be available for retakes for two weeks after the original date of the assessment. The retakes will be available for students that earn a 75% or less on the assessment. The student must contact Mrs. Renton within the two-week time frame and request the retake to be completed in the student’s Homeroom class.

     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Renton at paula.renton@rrps.net. Thank you for your cooperation and support throughout the year.

For this class students need the following everyday

Zipper Pouch or container

Pencils, lead if using mechanical

Pens - black, blue and red

Highlighters - at least 3 different colors

Colored pencils

Glue sticks - (or liquid glue)


One 100-page Composition notebook


Post it notes

Pencil sharpener Paula Renton
World History and Geography

Rio Rancho Middle School
Room 406
Phone (505)891-5335 Ext 54706