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Parents I have moved my calendar to Google Classroom. All of the students have been shown how to get to Classroom to see each days agenda. Each day's agenda also has links to the materials, power points and videos that we watched that day. If they are absent they can watch any power points or videos for that day.

Welcome to Earth Science. This is going to be an exciting year as we learn about the Earth, how it is changing and the space the Earth is in.

If you need to contact me please email me at or call 891-5335 ext 54719 and leave a message.

I look forward to learning with each of your children. Please check their agendas to see the topics we discussed that day and go through their Science notebooks to see what they are working on. The link to my calendar is to the left.

Unit 1: Plate Tectonics: Did you know that the continents are moving? How is that possible?

Unit 2: The Rock Cycle: 
Let' rock out with some rocks and see how they change.

Unit 3: History of the Earth: How old do scientists say the Earth is and how was it made? What are some major events in Earth's history? How many extinctions has the Earth had? How do scientist keep track of all the information about Earth's history?

Unit 4: Earth and Human Activity: What's up with humans? Why do we treat the Earth so badly?

Unit 5: Earth's Systems: Water Cycle and Weather: Why is it important to study and understand the water cycle? What are the 3 states of water and what causes it to change state? What are the different parts of the water cycle? How do air masses affect the weather?