New Student and Chromebook Support

New Student, Chromebook Password and Troubleshooting Tips
Posted on 09/15/2020


Chromebook Information:

If you are a new student and need to pick up a Chromebook OR need to return/exchange due to technical issue,  you can come to the front office between 9-11am Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.  (bring power cord also)

What is the average cost to replace or repair the Chromebook?

Chromebook replacement cost= Anywhere between $60.00-$200.00 depending on the model and year of the Chromebook
Power Cord replacement= $20.00
Broken screen=$30.00
Webcam- $16

All other warranty items= FREE

Online Payment Link

Forgot your Chromebook or PowerSchool password? 
 Click on this link

To log in to the Chromebook use your Student Login:
Username is
Password is the same one you used the last time you logged in OR if you are brand new to RRPS use your Student ID# for your password.

WIFI information and support- click here
Questions for Sparklight: Parents can email-

Charge the Chromebook for 30 Minutes before Opening it.  
It will power on when you open the screen. There is no need to press the power button.  Connect to your WiFi (see troubleshooting tips link below for more information)

For Care and Troubleshooting tips (created by LMS Ed Tech, but all RRPS Chromebooks are the same) :

For additional information check

1) YOUR CHILD'S REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CHROMEBOOK. Please make sure the process is complete before visiting campus. 

2) Incoming 6th grade students who have not returned their Chromebooks to their Elementary schools must do so prior to checking one out from RRMS.

3) Returning students who already have a Chromebook checked out to them will receive an email with instructions to follow. You do not have to come to school to complete the renewal process.

4) Families that have more than one child attending RRMS may come in the window for the oldest child and receive Chromebooks for each student.


Can we use our own personal computers instead of receiving a RRPS Chromebook? 


* All RRPS students will be issued an RRPS Chromebook.

* If every student is using the same equipment, it is easier for the teacher to help troubleshoot and support students from home

* We have all the necessary programs and settings set up on the Chromebook for your student including any software for standardized tests, etc.

* Your student will be using the SAME Chromebook all year regardless of 'in-school instruction" "hybrid" vs. "100% online" instruction. No sharing of equipment

* If we return to our "brick and mortar" building, your student will use the Chromebook at home and at school. They will not have to bring a personal laptop to a school setting and worry about theft, damage, etc.

* Our Technology department is able to troubleshoot, replace, and repair all RRPS equipment

* There will not be technical support for personal computers

* The RRPS Chromebooks have a filter in place to protect your child 

* The teacher has software to monitor activity, share their screens and interact with every student.

After reading and discussing the above reasoning, we would still like to opt out of accepting a RRPS Chromebook for our student(s)- Click here to fill out form



Distance Learning Resources 

for parents and students  

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