Please, call in any absence or tardy within 24 hours @891-5335 (listen for prompt and choose option #1) or you may fax a note or doctor's note @ 891-1180. If this is not an option you may send in a note/ doctor's note upon your students return to the attendance office. I realize that at times our attendance line malfunctions when this happens you may leave me a message @ Ext: or e-mail me at

PLEASE BE AWARE: Of our policy- New Mexico School Attendance Law, NMSA Section 22-12-1 et seq. which states, any parent or guardian not ensuring their child attending school may be guilty of violating this law.

Also, after 3 consecutive days of absence due to illness we need a doctor's note to continue excusing the student according to R.R.P.S. policy.We also have to report any student and their parent/guardian to the district truancy officer if the student accumulates 3 or more unexcused absences.