Earth Science - Cheryl Avila

Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science, taught by Mrs. Cheryl Avila.  
If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact me at
505-891-5335 ext. 54712 or  Thank you.  

Please click on the form below for instructions to sign up for REMIND to get friendly reminders for upcoming projects, quizzes and tests.  

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Big Red Textbook Glossary.docx
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Pictures from document camera of the Big Red Textbook glossary, to help students with Weather and Climate vocabulary.  It's not the best, but hopefully it can help.  

Enrichment Websites for Geologic Time and Energy Unit

Pushed Pin.png
Geologic Time Scale Interactive

Different Way of Thinking GTS
The Arthropod Story

Enrichment Websites for Minerals Unit
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Minerals and Rocks Computer Extensions.docx

Unit 3 - Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Pictures PowerPoint

Plate Tectonics Computer Lab Activity

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Proactive Communication

This year I will be trying to communicate proactively with families using REMIND.  Please follow the directions above to join.  This will be a great tool for parents to use to stay informed about events, projects, tests, etc....  I will be sending out reminders about these events so parents are in the know before critical due dates and missed assignments.  I look forward to working with students and parents towards student success this school year.  

Student Electronic CPO Textbook (click link below)

Cover of Earth Science textbook

ESN_Student Ebook.pdf


Quarter grades are calculated using Weighted Categories:
Assessment 65%
Practice 35%

Semester Grades are calculated based on:
Quarter 1 (or 3) Grade 45%
Quarter 2 (or 4) Grade 45%
Semester Final 10%

A Note About Supplies:

 Students must have their supplies with them for all core classes every day.

Please ensure that students have their needed supplies daily.  It is so important, especially for science class, as we will be using supplies almost daily. 

Students that do not have their needed supplies tend to fall behind in class because they typically ask to borrow from a neighbor.  If that neighbor is kind enough to lend out their supplies (and they have every right to make their own choice) that neighbor has to complete their task first.  Students will also not be allowed to go to their locker for supplies after the first week of school. 

We are working together to build responsibility within students.  


Specific to Mrs. Avila's Earth and Space Science Class, students will need:

 Four (4) - 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks (one for each grading quarter). 

One 1” Binder with pockets


The following is the general 6th grade supply list: 

 RRMS Agenda-used in every class

 Supply Pouch or Box (for supplies, need to take to every class)

 Glue , liquid (8-10 bottles) or sticks (24-28 sticks) (Stock up while they are cheap!)


 Pencils w/ erasers (if mechanical, extra lead)

 Colored Pencils or Crayons (no markers)

 Pens (for grading)

 Handheld pencil sharpener  



 Sticky Notes

 Dry Erase Marker 

Loose Leaf Paper