Required Documents


New Students
(never attended RRPS)

1. The child’s birth certificate, or another document suitable as proof of the child’s identity and age (hospital record, adoption papers, custody papers, etc.)
2.  Court documents pertaining to guardianship, if applicable
3.  Copy of student's current Individualized Education Plan (lEP), if applicable
4.  A copy of the child’s records from the school most recently attended if previously enrolled in a school
5.  A proof of residency in the district and attendance zone (see below)
6.  An up-to-date immunization record or a copy of your notarized exemption request that has been submitted to/approved by the state. Satisfactory evidence that the student has begun the process of obtaining the immunizations required by law will be accepted when approved by the School Nurse.
7.  Emergency contact information.

Returning Students

1.  Proof of residency in only needed in the following situations: 

A. Student entering preschool, kindergarten, middle school and high school;

B. All NEW students to RRPS regardless of grade level;

C. When athletic eligibility must be determined or confirmed.

2.  Updated immunization records (if applicable)
3.  Updated phone and email (if applicable)
4.  Updated court documents pertaining to guardianship, if applicable

Acceptable Documentation for Proof of Residency

1.  Current gas or electric bill OR
2.  Current lease or rental agreement (within last three months) OR
3.  Current mortgage statement OR
4.  Living with someone else: Resident has a utility bill and signs an “address verification form” notarized statement that child is living with a resident in the District.

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