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-Talking during exams/quizzes is becoming a major issues in many classes. This will no longer be tolerated and students will receive a ZERO if they are talking during exams from now on.
-Students are also not collecting their make-up work when absent. This is their responsibility and I will enter them as zeros in the grade book until they are completed.  
Parental Responsibility

**Please check your children's grades to determine if they are missing assignments or need to do corrections to improve a grade. When you are involved in their education, they generally score higher and achieve academic success.  
Absent Instruction

1. Look at the calendar for whichever days you missed. Identify the notes/assignments you need to complete. 
2. Go to the Class Handouts and Presentations folder and locate your blank notes, presentations, and assignments.  
3. Fill in your blank notes using the matching PowerPoint Presentations or book sections. Example: if we did 12.1 notes you would locate the 12.1 PowerPoint/book section and 12.1 blank notes. Read through the presentation or book section to fill in the blanks.  
4. Print and complete the assignments. 
5. You have 2 days per absent day to get assignments turned in. 


Science Syllabus


In this class we will learn the principles of physical science and how we can all apply it to our lives. We will investigate and learn to describe and study the physical world by completing lessons and laboratory experiments that encompass such concepts as matter, energy, and space. Laboratory lessons will be held in each unit and students will learn how to design experiments, manipulate variables, and explore the components of well-designed data collection and communication to better prepare our minds for a world full of choices based on facts and figures.


Raechel Roberts

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CPO Science Physical Science, Student Edition

The link to the textbook is located under the Useful Links tab. 


Grading Breakdown







Grading Scale

Semester grades will be a weighted average of quarter 1 and quarter 2 along with the semester final exam.   

Course Structure

Each unit from the textbook will have 2-3 chapters that will be covered. We will cover each section within a chapter, complete worksheets/activities and review the content. After a chapter has been completed we will take a chapter quiz and complete an investigation. Once a unit is complete, a laboratory experiment will be conducted. At the end of the semester students will be tested on a total of 4 units (approximately 8-10 chapters).

Classroom Expectations and Consequences

  • Students are expected to follow all directions and classroom and lab safety procedures, respect others, and put as much effort as they possibly can.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining absent work from the absent folder in class and for studying for their quizzes and exams.
  • If a student should deliberately break classroom rules upon first offense they will receive a verbal warning. Second offense is a student behavioral conferences and correction plan, third offense is a parent teacher meeting. Final offense is an office referral for additional guidance.


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