Kelly Rolfe

Seminar - Creative Writing REMINDERS
DUE December 15th
Use the pre-writing documents from class
Write a minimum of 1 typed page, double spaced 
Use descriptive, 7th grade academic language
Must include an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion
Must include 2 sense words (highlighted green)
Must include 2 unique dialogues (highlighted yellow)


How to contact Mrs. Rolfe:
     Email -
     Phone - 505-891-5335 ext. 54673

What is gifted seminar? 
According to the Gifted Seminar course code, this course is described as follows:
In this IEP-driven class, gifted students will complete individual and group projects based on needs for enrichment. They will focus on their own IEP goals and gifted topics through Socratic seminar discussions.  It is anticipated that these seminars will be comprised of a cluster of no more than 15 gifted students in one classroom.

What is seminar? 
This year, all GE and SE students are welcome to participate in a seminar class that is project-based and focused on students' interest. The main focus will be on depth of knowledge (DOK) and raising student thought processes related to their chosen topics. This is intended to be a fun, but challenging class, so come prepared to work. 

Promises/ Consequences

Consequences - 1. Warning    2. Email    3. Phone call     4. REFERRAL 

Exception - If a student intentionally damages, breaks, or destroys another student's project, they will instantly receive a referral.

70% Projects and Presentations
30% Steps and Daily Participation

Why did my child get less than 100% on their project?
Warm-ups - Students are expected to record daily warm-ups in their notebooks and include the date, the initial warm-up question, and corrections. Points will be deducted for missing work. 

Daily participation - Records are kept on a daily basis related to student participation in warm-ups, group discussions, and individual/ group projects. If a student receives less that 100%, expectations will be reviewed with that student at the end of the week. 

Projects - During the 1st semester, students are expected to submit projects that demonstrate at least a DOK2. Students will be prompted to raise their DOK levels and will receive less than 100% as a place holder until they have reached this goal. Students who choose to put the effort in will receive a higher grade, while those that choose to ignore this prompt will receive the initial grade given.

Presentations - In gifted seminar and seminar, students are encouraged to designate 3 areas that they choose to be graded on. The strategy here reflects the belief that the student will focus on these skills more intensely, and feedback can be given on specific skills rather than the presentation as a whole. Prior to the student starting their project, Mrs. Rolfe and the student will discuss what it will take to earn full credit based on their rubric choices. If a student earns less than a 100%, they will be given another attempt once they have had time to practice. 

     * Notebooks
     * Pencils/ pens
     * Tissues
     * Hand sanitizer

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Donations of the following would be GREATLY appreciated:
* Puzzles
* Books - (all ranges)
   Approved 7th grade Reading List Link 
   Approved 8th grade Reading List Link
   Approved 9th grade Reading List Link
   Approved 10th grade Reading List Link 
   Approved 11th grade Reading List Link
* Broken electronics (consoles, controllers, computers, remote control cars, etc.)
* Tools - screw drivers of various sizes, wrenches, hot glue gun
* Batteries
* Plastic bags - all sizes
* Lego sets 
* Cardboard
* Glue
* Tape - Scotch and duct tape