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What is gifted seminar? 
According to the Gifted Seminar course code, this course is described as follows:
“In this IEP-driven class gifted students will complete individual and group projects based on needs for enrichment. They will focus on their own IEP goals and gifted topics/issues through Socratic seminar discussions.” It is anticipated that these seminars will be comprised of a cluster of no more than 15 students in one classroom.

What are the requirements for 7th grade gifted seminar? 
Consequences - 1. Warning    2. Email    3. Phone call     4. REFERRAL
Exception - If a student intentionally damages, breaks, or destroys another student's project, they will instantly receive a referral.

Grades - 65% Projects and Presentations/
35% Steps and Daily Participation

Why did my child get less than 100% on their project?
During the 2nd semester of this SY, students are expected to submit projects that demonstrate at least a level 3-4 on the DOK scale. Students will be prompted to raise their DOK levels and will receive less than 100% as a place holder until they have reached this goal. Students who choose to put the effort in will receive a higher grade, while those that choose to ignore this prompt will receive the initial grade given.

Materials - 
     * Notebooks
     * Pencils/ pens
     * Tissues
     * Hand sanitizer
     * Flash drive (optional) 

Enrichment Options


Original Assignment


Social Studies

Map project focused on New Mexico geography

During the 17th century there were various resources available in New Mexico. Which geographical neighbor could we have relied on during this time period and for what resource (make sure you consider the most valuable resources)? Create a PSA to encourage others to not be wasteful.


Experiment rubric on the scientific method

How do investigators on TV use similar or different techniques? What’s the importance of this method for solving real-life crimes?


Find the mean, median, and mode. Then graph

What are the mean, median, and mode used for? What industries use these techniques and why are they important to express?

Language Arts

“Cyber Seniors” article

Interview with technologically savvy senior citizens.

Interview with moderately tech savvy senior citizens.

Interview with minimally tech savvy senior citizens.
Prove or disprove the assumptions the article “Cyber Seniors” made stating all seniors are incapable of being technologically literate.
Provide a presentation of your research vis multimedia choice to present to senior citizens the benefits of continuing/ becoming technologically savvy.

Social Studies

If you were born into a certain rank, could you move up in the ranks? (Class discussion)

Research 2-3 cultures that have or still do have a ranking system. Compare/ contrast the benefits and drawbacks of this type of system.

Art Status

Research varying types of art to answer the questions:

  • What makes art valuable across cultures?


  • How does art play a role in status in these cultures?

Language Arts

How has technology changed in your lifetime?

Create a concept/ marketing presentation for future technology – what would your technology do? How will it help others? Build it!

Benefits and drawbacks of technology

Read Fahrenheit 451. Reflect and make connections on what technology has been helpful to mankind and what technology has been harmful? Present the information in some form of multimedia.

Social Studies

Chaco Canyon expansion

Over time people have abandoned their homes to survive. How have the reasonings changed/ stayed the same within the past 100 years?


What evidence can you find by using your magnifying glasses?

Why is it important to be observant? Create a crime scene and have your classmates take note of every detail. Then, change one, minor detail and ask your classmates to figure out what you changed. Write a conclusion paragraph based on your feelings related to being observant and how this skill will help you in your future career path.

Social Studies

Who was the first to use head modification?
From what group did the tierist farming system originate from?

Based on this assessment review, come up with a chart that includes examples and nonexamples for each of the following topics:
Architecture, farming, religious symbols, traditions, location


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Donations of the following would be GREATLY appreciated:
* Puzzles
* Books - (all ranges)
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* Broken electronics (consoles, controllers, computers, remote control cars, etc.)
* Tools - screw drivers of various sizes, wrenches, hot glue gun
* Batteries
* Plastic bags - all sizes
* Lego sets 
* Cardboard
* Glue
* Tape - Scotch and duct tape