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What's happening in Mr. S' Class?

October 2nd through 6th

Monday: Started the week by taking notes on Independent and Dependent Clauses (attached).


We then finished our first read of Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” and Frank Horne’s poem “To James.” Students discussed symbolism, and related the overall theme of each poem to their own lives.


Tuesday: Preparation for Unit 1 PBT 2: Small-Group Assessment – Panel Discussion (attached). Panel Discussions (similar to a talk show) were based around the question “What new knowledge or skills can you learn from someone of a different generation?” Students referenced the texts we’ve read to help answer this question, as well as discussed their own personal opinions.


Wednesday: Panel Discussion Presentations. These presentations went extremely well! Every class did such a phenomenal job – they were insightful, engaging and even funny. One group in 7th period even included a quick little commercial that tied into the prompt (hilarious).  


Thursday: Classes met in the computer lab to begin Independent Learning. Students were assigned two different readings, with corresponding assessments. Students were only required to do one reading and assessment, however, were highly encouraged to try the second if they received anything less than 100% on the assessment.


If your student received anything less than a 70% on their assessment, please let me know and I will gladly assign them a third reading and assessment that they can work on at home (remember that every student has complete access to the textbook and all assignments online).


Friday: Starting today, Monday and into Tuesday, students will be working on their Quarter 1 final – Unit 1 Performance-Based Assessment (attached). This final assessment is two parts.


Part 1 is writing a nonfiction narrative based on the prompt: “In what situations can one generation learn from another?”


Part 2 is a multimedia presentation of the written narrative. Multimedia presentations can include Google Slides, Power Point, Prezi, videos and whatever other creative way your student would like to present their narratives (so long as technology is involved in some form or way – no poster boards, please).


(10/9 – 10/13):

Monday: Continue working on PBA narratives and presentations. Computer lab 610.


Tuesday: Continue working on PBA narratives and presentations. Begin presentations.


Wednesday: PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE FOR ALL STUDENTS. Students will present their narratives.


Thursday: All classes will have a substitute teacher on this day. Classes will be given worksheets. Presentations will continue on Monday, if necessary.




Before we part, I just want to let you know that Nonfiction Narrative grading is DONE! Now onto grading the RACED paragraphs students wrote on Thursday of last week.

My Perspectives

To see specific breakdowns of what the class is doing, please look at the calendar on the right. Quarter 1 will include:

  • Unit 0Introducing classroom systems and procedures (1 week)
  • Unit 1: Generations (7 weeks):  What can one generation learn from another (whole and small group)? Performance Tasks and Performance-Based Assessments: Narrative Writing

For more information on Unit 1 of My Perspectives: 
Home Connection Unit 1 Overview.pdf

Classroom Supplies
  • Highlighters (at least three different colors)
  • Glue sticks and scissors
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Pens
  • Extra erasers
  • Brain

For more information about Mr. Shirm's class, including rules, expectations, and procedures, click the link below to access the classroom syllabus:
Mr. Shirm Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf


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