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What's happening in Mr. S' Class?

(November 6th to the 10th)

Monday: We started the week by reviewing Subject-Verb Agreement (attached).


Subject-verb agreement is easier to identify than to explain. For example:

è Bill play video games.

o   Bill is the singular subject.

o   Play is the verb, but is written in plural form.

è Bill plays video games. ß This is how the sentence should be written.

That’s subject-verb agreement.


Students then filled in their PBT 1 evidence logs for Scene 3 (see previous emails for information on evidence logs).


We ended class by reading Scene 4 of Act 2 – a long, elaborate scene, in which the students had many questions about.


Tuesday: We started by reviewing Act 1 vocabulary (attached). Students graded each other’s worksheets, and were turned in for a grade.


We then spent the majority of the class period filling in our evidence logs for Scene 4, and discussing the many, many questions surrounding this scene. Many students had great ideas, and were able to pull some amazing quotes showing how Scrooge has changed, so far.


Lastly, we read Scene 5 of Act 2, wrapping up the play.


Wednesday: We started class by discussing Scene 5, and looking at how Scrooge has changed, overall, since the beginning of the play. Students finished filling in their evidence logs for PBT 1 (which we started working on today – Friday).


We then continued watching the Patrick Stewart-starring version of A Christmas Carol, noticing differences between the play that we read, and the film.


Thursday: We started with a writing prompt, in which the students made predictions as to whether they believed Scrooge would hold his promise to cherish Christmas, and be a philanthropist. Many students had fantastic and strong opinions, supported by quotes that were absolutely perfect.


We then finished watching A Christmas Carol and discussed the differences noticed.


We ended class by taking notes on Sentence Structure (attached).


Friday: Class began by finishing our notes on Sentence Structure.


The majority of the class was spent working on the Outlines/Thinking Maps (attached) for our first explanatory essay – Unit 3 PBT 1: How has Scrooge transformed over the course of the play?


Students were encouraged to finish these outlines over the weekend if they did not finish during class – please check with your student to make sure this is done. We will be meeting in the computer lab on Monday to begin typing these essays.


Next week (11/13 – 11/17):

Monday: We will be meeting in computer lab 610 (the same computer lab we have used all year) to begin typing our PBT 1 Explanatory Essays (outline attached).


Tuesday: We will be meeting in computer lab 610 (the same computer lab we have used all year) to continue typing our PBT 1 Explanatory Essays (outline attached).


Wednesday: We will be meeting in computer lab 610 (the same computer lab we have used all year) to finish typing our PBT 1 Explanatory Essays (outline attached).


Students will also use this time to do any make-up assessments, as well as begin their Act 2 online reading assessment for A Christmas Carol.


Thursday: We will begin our Unit 3 Small-Group Learning by discussing learning strategies.


Friday: First read of Langston Hughes’ “Thank You, M’am.”



My Perspectives

To see specific breakdowns of what the class is doing, please look at the calendar on the right. Quarter 1 will include:

  • Unit 0Introducing classroom systems and procedures (1 week)
  • Unit 1: Generations (7 weeks):  What can one generation learn from another (whole and small group)? Performance Tasks and Performance-Based Assessments: Narrative Writing
  • Unit 3: Turning Points (9 weeks): What can cause a sudden change in someone's life? Performance Tasks and Performance-Based Assessments: Explanatory Writing
  • Unit 2: A Starry Home
  • Unit 5: ...

For more information on Unit 1 of My Perspectives: 
Home Connection Unit 1 Overview.pdf

Classroom Supplies
  • Highlighters (at least three different colors)
  • Glue sticks and scissors
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Pens
  • Extra erasers
  • Brain

For more information about Mr. Shirm's class, including rules, expectations, and procedures, click the link below to access the classroom syllabus:
Mr. Shirm Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf


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