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What's happening in Mr. S' Class?

(April 18 - 28, 2017)

Tuesday - Friday (4/18 - 4/21):

After having finished PARCC for Language Arts/Literacy, and moving into Math, we will be meeting every other day with extended class periods. We begin our small group work by looking at a young girl's race with prosthetics in Aimee Mullin's personal narrative, "A Work in Progress." We will see how she was able to cope with her obstacle, and how this might relate to our final Performance-Based Assessment.

Monday - Tuesday (4/24-25):

We continue looking at how people can overcome obstacles as we read an excerpt of Helen Keller's The Story of My Life. We will first read and close read the excerpt and continue working with our groups to strengthen our understanding of the topic and how it will relate to our final assessment. 

Wednesday and Friday (4/26, 4/28):

We will watch a short interview of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan as we take another look at how Helen Keller was able to cope with her obstacles. We will continue our group work on this topic.

Thursday (4/27):

Our mid-term selection assessment will cover all of the selections this far in unit 5, including The Dust Bowl, The Grapes of Wrath, "The Circuit", "A Work in Progress", From The Story of my Life, and How Helen Keller Learned to Talk.

(March 27 - April 17, 2017)

Monday (March 27):
We finish looking at the excerpt from The Grapes of Wrath with a look at the descriptive language used. We then look at how we might create an argumentative essay on whether the people can be blamed for the Dust Bowl based on the last two selections.

Tuesday - Thursday (March 28 - 30):
We will begin the short story, The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. We will complete a first read, a close read, analyzing the text, and taking a look at the theme of the story. We will then look at creating an explanation of patterns related to the text. We will also take a quick look at poetry and figurative language throughout the week in preparation for PARCC testing next week.

Friday and Monday (March 31 and April 3):
We begin our Project-Based Task writing an informative essay that answers the question, "How did the individuals in the selections cope with the obstacles they faced?" The students will need to complete an outline that includes a complete thesis statement with textual evidence. This will be due on Monday, April 4th.

Tuesday - Monday (April 4 - 17):
We will complete PARCC testing for ELA through April 17th with each class taking a test every third day. Math PARCC will begin April 18th through April 25th with a test every other day.

Shirm's Classroom Drive (find all assignments for a grade here)

My Perspectives

To see specific breakdowns of what the class is doing, please look at the calendar on the right. Quarter 3 will include:

  • Unit 4Introducing classroom systems and procedures (1 week)
  • Unit 4People and the Planet (7 weeks):  What effects do people have on the environment(whole and small group)? Performance Tasks and Performance-Based Assessments: Argument and Persuasive Writing

For more information on Unit 1 of My Perspectives: 
Home Connection Unit 1 Overview.pdf

Classroom Supplies
1) Two-pocket folder with fasteners
2) One subject, college-ruled spiral notebook with at least 70 pages
3) Sharpened pencils/pens
4) Extra erasers
5) Highlighters (3 different colors)
6) Working brain

For more information about Mr. Shirm's class, including rules, expectations, and procedures, click the link below to access the classroom syllabus:
Mr. Shirm Syllabus 2016-2017.pdf

Click the link below to sign-up for Mr. Shirm's texting service:
Remind Instructions for Mr. S 2016-2017 ELA



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