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Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science, taught by Mrs. Cheryl Avila.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 505-891-5335 ext. 54712 or  Thank you.  

Email Communication is occasionally sent to parents/guardians via email addresses in PowerSchool.  If you are not receiving these emails, please check with the front office to ensure that we have your correct email on file.  The last update was sent on 2-8-17.  Thank you.  

Student Electronic CPO Textbook (click link below)

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Email Update Sent on April 25th:  Alien Project All Pages.pdf

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardians,
Students in RRMS 6th grade science classes are currently wrapping up their Earth-Moon-Sun and the Solar System unit.  Since this unit has mainly been studied during the PARCC testing schedule (class schedules have been spread out, teachers haven’t seen students everyday) we have been conducting only quizzes during this unit.  (Students will have a quiz on Thursday April 27th.)  

There will not be a big unit test for Earth-Moon-Sun and the Solar System unit.  Instead, students will be completing an Alien Project that will be worth an assessment grade.  This project is DUE ON WEDNESDAY MAY 3RD.  Please ensure that your student has this turned in by this day, as late work will not be accepted.  

Students were given the papers for this project last week and we went over the project in detail Monday or Tuesday (depending on the class period).  Students were given class time to work on their Planning Page for their project as well.  This will be the only time students will have in class to work on this project.  The remaining work for this project is expected to be done at home.  This is not a complicated project; students honestly can finish this project in about an hour.  Students are expected to be able to do this project with little to no assistance.  Parents are encouraged to look over the student’s paragraphs and guide them through the thinking process, but otherwise, students are very capable of completing their project on their own.  If your student needs another Alien Project packet, please see my webpage.  

In the paperwork, it is stated that we are encouraging the alien to be made from either materials already in their home or recycled materials.  New, expensive materials are not needed for this project.  

The project consists of 4 paragraphs and a 3-D model of an alien that the student designs.  The most important part of this project is the written portion, (80% of the overall project grade).  In class we went over the rubric and discussed that creativity is encouraged, but the most important aspect of the project is the understanding of the scientific concepts.  For example, if your student chooses a Gas Giant planet, their alien will not be able to “walk around on four legs like a cow”.  The Planning Page is intended to help them put thought into how their organism must be suited to survive the conditions on their chosen planet.  Students were given two tables in their packet with nearly all the information that they will need for this project.  Other research is not needed, unless they wish to find out more about their planet.  When we discussed the rubric in class, I explained that the more details and scientific support that students include in their paragraphs the more likely they are to earn a 4 rather than a 3.  Students, in general, seemed enthused about this project.  I look forward to seeing their finished products.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Remember, due date is next Wednesday May 3rd.  

Mrs. Cheryl Avila
RRMS 6th Grade Science Teacher

Included below is the list of elements that are listed as symbols translated to their element/compound, so students know what each of their atmospheric gasses are:
Na – Sodium
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
N2 – Nitrogen
O2 – Oxygen
H2 – Hydrogen
He – Helium
CH4 – Methane
NH3 – Ammonia

Email Update Sent on 2-8-17

Hello Families.  I just wanted send an update regarding Mrs. Avila's Earth Science class.  
Students will have a quiz on the Water Cycle on Friday February 10th.  Students were told about this quiz on Wednesday February 8th.  Students were told to study the following:
1.  The Water Cycle Graphic Organizer (this is a blue sheet, unless your student has the accommodation of hard copy/cloze notes, then it will be a white folded paper)
2.  Cornell notes taken in class Friday February 3rd, titled The Water Cycle - General Info
3.  Cornell notes taken in class Monday/Tuesday February 6th/7th, titled The Water Cycle - Surface Water and Groundwater

Notebooks will also be collected on Friday February 10th.  I was out several days due to a death in my family, so I hope to update grades by Tuesday February 14th.  Students were told that I will be looking for the following assignments in their notebooks:
1.  A Fair Share of Resources worksheet (pink)
2.  Time and Tree Rings worksheet (white)
3.  Water Cycle and Atmosphere Vocabulary (pink)
4.  Cornell Notes taken Friday the 3rd, titled The Water Cycle - General Info (make sure questions and summary are done)
Cornell Notes taken Monday/Tuesday the 6th/7th, titled The Water Cycle - Surface Water and Groundwater (make sure questions and summary are done)

6.  Layers in the Atmosphere notesheet (to be done in class on Thursday the 9th)

The next quiz for this unit will be on Friday February 17th.  This quiz will be about Earth's Atmosphere.  

The students will be registering for their 7th grade classes on February 14th, through science class. 

There is no school on Monday February 20th due to President's Day.  

The unit Test is scheduled for Wednesday February 22nd.  As usual, look for a study guide 3-5 days before the test.  

Hope this info helps you stay advised about your child's science class.  Thank you for your time.  Please help your student study for all quizzes and tests.  

Mrs. Cheryl Avila

______________________________________________________________Email Update Sent on 1-2-17 - Main Points

Hello Families.

Students are required to have their supplies with them daily for all classes.  It is essential that students have all their needed supplies for Science class every day, as we do often use our supplies, especially the scissors and glue.  I do not and will not provide these supplies because a) in my experience students do not take care of supplies that they are not responsible for, b) I cannot afford to supply every student with their needed supplies, and c) expecting students to have and care for their own supplies teaches them responsibility.  In a few short years your child will be a young adult and I am sure that we all are trying to instill that sense of responsibility in them in preparation of that time.

If a student does not have their supplies it puts that student behind and can also affect their peers, as often they ask to borrow their neighbors.  This process can slow down the class flow considerably, so please take this week to restock all of your student’s supplies.  As a friendly reminder the supplies needed are:  a new composition notebook (Some students had their two composition notebooks at the beginning of the year and turned one into me for safe keeping.  They will get their notebooks back on Tuesday or Wednesday.), glue, scissors, pencils with erasers (extra lead if mechanical), pens for grading (any color), ruler, colored pencils or crayons (no markers), highlighters, and a handheld pencil sharpener.  All these supplies should be easily accessible in an organized manner in either a supply box, pouch or gallon bag.  (If a student needs a gallon bag, please have them ask me and I will provide.)

As a reminder, the e-version of our CPO textbook can be found on my website.  If we are working out of our older textbook, Big Red, we do not have an efile version and students may ask to check out a book overnight and return it the next day if needed to make-up/or get caught up on any work.

This semester, students will be learning about Geologic Time and Energy, The Water Cycle and Atmosphere, Weather, The Earth, Moon, Sun Relationship, Our Solar System, and The Universe.  I look forward to working together for your child's success.

Mrs. Avila


Quarter grades are calculated using Weighted Categories:
Assessment 65%
Practice 35%

Semester Grades are calculated based on:
Quarter 1 (or 3) Grade 45%
Quarter 2 (or 4) Grade 45%
Semester Final 10%

Note about Supplies:

Please ensure that students have their needed supplies daily.  It is so important, especially for science class.  

Specific to Mrs. Avila's Earth and Space Science Class, students will need two composition notebooks (one for Semester 1 and one for Semester 2).  

Here is the General 6th Grade Supply List, which are materials needed for all core classes.  We use scissors and glue on a near daily basis.  Please ensure that your student has a these weekly and replenish as needed.

•  One 3-inch, three ring binder with 5 dividers (I don't really require the use of the binder, but will provide the students with one binder baggie for students to use as a place-holder for their Interactive Notebooks.  
•  Supply Pouch or Box
•  Pencils with erasers (extra lead if mechanical)
•  Grading pens (any color)
•  Pencil Sharpener
•  Ruler
•  Scissors
•  Colored pencils or crayons (no markers)
•  GLUE (glue sticks recommended, STOCK UP NOW WHILE THEY ARE CHEAP!  Seriously.)
•  Highlighters
•  Loose leaf paper

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